Zebra & Snake, a Helsinki-based duo, describes their sound as “healing music.” I have to agree their feel-good sound does lift the spirits a bit.

From the Zebra & Snake Facebook page:

One day two guys, Tapio and Matti, felt really gray. healing was what they needed!

They sat down by the organ and in a second the music started to stream out of their fingers and mouths. Like little rapids forming a beautiful, fertile river! It was magical, it was as if they had found their power animals. Letting go of their complete emotional and existential frustration they opened themselves to the unexplainable and started the healing process of song.
And the more they played the more they were healed. But the process is ever-continuing. You see, life is a process, my friend.

The power animals, The Zebra and The Snake!!!

Enjoy watching children slay the evil balloon-monsters!

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