WhoMadeWho (DK) – “I Don’t Know”

Earballs of the world listen up, because the charming, eccentric and provocative Danish trio WhoMadeWho have finally released a new single called I Don’t Know!

Sung in Jeppe Kjellberg’s beautiful signature falsetto, with singer/bassist Tomas Høffding (who also performs as Bon Homme solo and as part of the duo Lydmor & Bon Homme) and drummer/producer Tomas Barfod (who is 1/2 of the house duo Filur) playing their voices and instruments, I Don’t Know earnestly summons that helpless feeling of being stuck in a situation you have no control over.

I Don’t Know, co-produced by Kenton Slash Demon and released in tandem with a music video for it (above) that was shot at NorthSide Festival in Aarhus, Denmark earlier this year, is inspired by an experience Kjellberg had while on tour (read the song’s lyrics below for insight).

“I was stuck in transit on my way to Guadalajara,” he said. “A situation where I had lost my passport and was refused travel through the United States by Homeland Security. Emotionally, this is the essence of the song.”

While we’re glad Kjellberg untangled his hellish travel issues, we’re ecstatic the beautiful, poignant I Don’t Know was created. Now…where’s that new album y’all promised us?

I don’t know
Got into trouble, that’s not what I need
I didn’t sign that paper
I went to Memphis and Guadalajara
Just to see you later

I don’t know, what I’m waiting for
I’m breathing thin air
Trees are falling slowly here
I don’t know, where it all began
Wanna see you later
But I’m not going anywhere

Don’t speak in tongues, I don’t know what it means
I didn’t sign that paper
My luck is turning in Guadalajara
You will not see me later

My life insurance, going back on sale
I didn’t sign no paper
I went to Memphis and Guadalajara
Just to see you later


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