Weekend Festival Sweden

The universal musical languages of the world have become more vast and varied over the past few years thanks to the rise of the Internet but one constant has been the sound of electronic dance music. It’s the connecting tissue that has helped make international superstars of bedroom producers and household names of DJs. The connection only grows deeper as a fan once you’re surrounded with a few thousand likeminded music lovers, losing yourselves in a booming bass line and a jaw-rattling beat.

That’s why events like Weekend Festival are such hot tickets in and around Europe. These multi-day affairs pull together some of the world’s most talented artists and provide them with the stage and soundsystem to give their fans a spectacle like no other. And this year’s Weekend Fest in Sweden, happening on August 5th and 6th in Stockholm, has all the stars in alignment for maximum impact. Beyond headlining sets by Fatboy Slim, Dmitri Vegas, and Martin Garrix, the multiple stages boast names like our buddy Darude, Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona, and the magical Tungevaag & Raaban.

If you’re an EDM enthusiast, you shouldn’t deny yourself this experience. So to get your Weekend Festival Sweden 2016 tickets and travel packages all done and dusted, just click here and we’ll help you get everything lined up. And indulge in some music while you do so with this official Spotify playlist of artists playing this year’s event in Sweden. Your body and brain will thank you for it.

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