Last year, on Halloween, we posted Swedish dream pop band ViVii‘s song “Suckerpunch.” It was appropriately ghostly for the occasion. “Love Love Love,” the band’s newest single from its forthcoming self-titled debut album (out March 15), is similarly haunting.

That said, it’s not as explicitly dejected as “Suckerpunch” is. Emil Jonsson’s deep voice and Caroline Jonsson’s high-pitched, featherlight female singing provide harmonies on “Love Love Love”; these harmonies make the track sound like a despondent version of the upbeat, chirping rock sound Cults cultivated on its debut album. Via the midtempo moodiness of “Love Love Love,” some sunlight peeks through the faint, grey clouds that wrap the song.

“Nothing in this world can get between what we share,” sing Emil and Caroline, who are husband and wife, on the song’s chorus. Across the other sections’ layers of modestly echoing, undistorted guitar chords, snail-paced tremolo, bottom-heavy guitar notes, and soft percussion, the Jonssons similarly sing of their love for each other. “Love Love Love,” as its title suggests, may well just be a love letter between two people whose romance began nearly two decades ago when they were teenagers.

Given the length and nature of Emil and Caroline’s relationship—it’s worth noting they have children together—it may be surprising to learn that these two would need to remind each other how they feel about each other. But that might be precisely the point: As two people’s lives merge, each one might less frequently express the gratitude, joy, adoration, and love that were explicitly stated early in their relationship. The way the song sounds suggests that sadness and loneliness can read their ugly heads in any relationship, but “Love Love Love,” despite its musical bleakness, pores over just how much would have to happen to tear Emil and Caroline apart. Even though marriage, children, and adult life can get in the way, nothing—not even the ghosts of past conflicts—can stop ViVii.

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