Photo by Helge Høifødt
Oslo, Norway (photo by Helge Høifødt)

A new report from UBS, the Swiss financial services company, has revealed what are the most expensive and cheapest cities to spend time in. Not including travel to and from these parts of the world, the report was created by averaging out the cost for two people to spend a night in the city, including hotel, dinner, taxi service, and other incidentals.

Topping the list? Zurich, Switzerland, which averages out to about $1,050 a night. The least expensive city to visit? Bucharest, Romania, where you can spend a comfortable evening for around $260.

How do the Nordic nations fare in this ranking? Not surprisingly, around the midpoint and towards the top of this list. Oslo is the most expensive of the bunch, falling in at $980, followed by Helsinki ($800), Copenhagen ($780), and Stockholm ($610). The obvious takeaway from all this is to budget accordingly if you’re planning on heading to Scandinavia. It’s worth the expense, but it is going to cost you.

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