There’s no doubt about it: the ‘80s are back in. You can buy Stranger Things graphic tees at Wal-Mart. Magnum P.I. and Lethal Weapon reboots air weekly on network television. Seemingly every band in sight is dropping its guitars and putting batteries back into its vintage Yamahas. While it might feel like the ‘80s pop revival genre is quickly reaching its carrying capacity, there will always be some room for a few more synth-heads to successfully hop on the time-travel train. Enter Twins.

Twins. is the nom de plume of Sweden’s Ludwig Jonsson. “Fade Away,” the project’s debut single, comes soaring in with ethereal synths and heavenly choir samples, immediately creating a vibe of romantic yearning. The synth arpeggios and minor chord progressions are a bit reminiscent of Danish contemporaries Lust for Youth, but Jonsson never enters that group’s more gothic territory. A fat bass line enters and offers up a taste of heavier, Perturbator-esque synthwave, but Twins. never abandons the overarching feeling of fuzzy, tender nostalgia.

Yes, nostalgia is the key word here. Jonsson says the song is “a musical version of the overflow of feelings after a breakup,” and “Fade Away” indeed feels like recollecting the good memories of a past love. In that sense, Twins.’ debut is both about nostalgia and a piece of it; the synth-pop revival sound is nostalgic for a decade long-gone, the narrator nostalgic for a relationship more recently passed. No matter the real 1980s were full of cocaine and Ronald Reagan. We’re remembering the good times.

“Fade Away” serves as a good introduction to Twins., and it would easily fit as the opener to an album full of killer Pretty in Pink-style prom tunes and synthwave bangers. No news yet on an upcoming EP or album, but we’ll be listening when there is.

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