Tuvaband (NO) – “Everything We Do Is Wrong”

Norwegian/British duo Tuvaband have a new single called Everything We Do Is Wrong, a lo-fi melancholic melody that resonates with emotions all too prevalent in the modern world.

Everything We Do Is Wrong is coming from an underlying feeling of being trapped and sometimes paralyzed in a world where the normalized, daily stuff we do feels wrong, both for the planet and the people,” explains the band. “How and what we eat, buying new clothes, and the stuff we acquire because we think we need it, but actually don’t.”

To invoke feelings of frustrated over/under conpensation, the song is engineered to be both organic and unconventional, a mix of classic “heart-strings strumming” and understated cinematic techniques. Listen and see what I mean:

We’ll be catching their upcoming shows at SXSW in Austin this week, so if youcan’t be there too be sure to follow along here, on our website, and also on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube).


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