We’ve posted in the past about the greatness of Finnish avant garde ensemble Kemialliset Ystävät, but their genius goes beyond the work they do as a collective. It’s the music that their individual members make outside the fold that continues spreading the gospel of weird, wonderful sounds. That’s as clear as ever on the forthcoming release by Tsembla, the project of Kemialliset member Marja Ahti. Titled The Hole In The Landscape (out on May 26th from NNA Tapes), this collection feels like getting lost in the circuits and transistors of a synthesizer, listening in awe and horror as it warms up and gets used for all kinds of wonderful things. Check out this video for the first release from the album “Gravitating Bones” and let the pensive natural imagery serve as a balm to the clattering, groaning weirdness happening all around it.

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