Nordic Travel Adventures and Experiences

Always wanted to cruise the Norwegian fjords? Fancy a multi-country railroad tour of Denmark, Sweden and Finland? Want to see chubby-cheeked puffins in their natural habitat in Iceland or the Faroe Islands? Take that trip to your favorite Nordic country you’ve always dreamed of. Nordic Spotlight can get you there! Here are some Nordic Travel Adventures and Experiences you might enjoy.

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We’ve got tickets and travel packages to the hottest music festivals in Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland! Enjoy your favorite Nordic band in your favorite Nordic country, and create Viking memories that will last a lifetime (and make you the envy of all your friends).


Escorted tours, independent tours, budget tours, luxury tours — whatever your preferred type of tour, we’ve got the Nordic vacation experience you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you plan a custom tour, too. Click the button below to send us a no-obligation travel itinerary inquiry.

Driving and rail tours

Exploring the Nordic countries via car or train (hotel and daily itinerary included) is a cost-effective and popular way to enjoy the best that Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland have to offer. Click the “More Info” button below to find out more.


Cruise the Nordic seas like a Viking! Want to see whales off the coast of Iceland, catch deep-sea wildlife from the Arctic waters, take a multi-day cruise in the archipelagos of Finland, or experience the ancient, natural wonders of the Norwegian fjords? We can make that happen.


Puffins in the Faroe Islands, horses, geysers and waterfalls in Iceland, the stunning point in the northernmost point of Denmark where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet…these wildlife experiences are within reach. Let us get you there!


Ever wanted to go camping in Norway, cycling in Denmark, or glacier hiking in Iceland? Our safety-focused itineraries are exactly what your adventure-loving heart desires. Click the button below to start planning.