Last weekend Copenhagen said goodbye to summer at the annual Trailerpark Festival, three days of fun, art and music.

One of the most cozy (“hygge”) festivals I’ve experienced, Trailerpark Festival is the invention of Art Rebels, a Copenhagen-based creative community for artists, DJs, fashion designers, musicians, VJs, web designers, filmmakers and other creative souls. Their mission: to create, promote and support creative projects while endorsing social responsibility.

Art Rebels’ attempt to make their mission a reality with their Trailerpark Festival went well. It wasn’t crowded (which gave the festival its charm) and the balance and co-operation between art and music was successful thanks to three great-looking stages: the Copenhagen Skatepark (where Trailerpark Festival 2012 took place), the graffiti-ed walls where artists created their work during the festival, and a place for the participants to sign. Add to this weather that was pretty nice – and what more do you want to have a good party?


It started on the 31st of August around 5:00 pm with the Danish band Birthgiving Toad opening the festival with their noisy, alternative rock.

Next, Indians played their tunes with the delicate voice of Søren Juul and two of his band members serving lovely, lazy music. Indian’s performance of I Am Haunted – my personal summer 2012 anthem – was definitely a highlight of a very well set up show.

The Royal Stage venue was at full capacity during Christian Hjelm‘s performance. He broke the belt of his guitar, but that didn’t stop him from giving the audience a piece of music good to sing along to (if you speak Danish, because Christian Hjelm sings in his mother-tongue).

Day 1 continued in Copenhagen Skatepark ’til 5:00 in the morning with great acts like Dig & Mig, the first-ever concert of the duo Braun & Abrahamsen and the dj set of Tomas Barfod aka TomBoy of WhoMadeWho.

The Danish way to party showed itself in its glory!


Saturday at Trailerpark Festival 2012 was a day of international acts. Although there were some Danish bands that stole my heart, the first one that did (and the first one that played that day) were the brilliant musicians from Tako Lako.

Their world gypsy beats ruled the stage a bit early to go crazy with the music, but both the band and the audience had fun, and that’s what counts.

A nice surprise brought with it a time to relax with the show from new Danish act Ice Cream Cathedral. Dreamy electro-pop songs with strong female vocals gave me a moment to just sit down and feel the joy of being there and enjoying the time at the festival.

The true gem of the evening that I think was one of the best (or THE best) of Trailerpark Festival 2012 started at 11:15 in the evening when a house full of people went crazy, with bouncing, dancing, jumping and having fun with six sweet, wonderful Norwegian musicians freely showed a freely, smiling face of electro-rock-pop music: Casiokids. They had lots of fun on stage, which was really cute. Everyone on stage was playing everything, and everyone was special and great at what he was doing at that moment…you just could give up yourself to the music. After the Casiokids show there were many smiling faces to be seen leaving the building.


Dreamy music from Kala-OK started the day.

Then very, very, VERY good live performance of Lydmor – the rising star of Danish electronic-pop. Jenny Rossander (aka Lydmor) gave the audience both chills (when they played a heart-melting acoustic version of Lamppost Light) and dancing shocks with (Electric Mistress).

Next, the heavy beats of Opiate and the deep, buzzy sounds from Sekuoia made the evening interesting.

After such a strong electronic experience the audience was hit with guitar retro darlings of Denmark – Waldo and Marsha. For me it was a big disappointment. You know that ugly feeling when you listen to the band you were looking forward to seeing live and…there’s…nothing in it? I think I’ll have to give Waldo and Marscha one more chance, because the Trailerpark Festival performance wasn’t good enough for me.

The opposite happened with The Eclectic Moniker show where tropical tunes won the hearts of the festival participants (and mine), made the legs moving and gave the last breath of summer to Copenhagen. The band members invited a few people on stage (among them – Silas Bjerregaard from Turboweekend) to make a dance party. Mission was accomplished in 2 seconds.

The Trailerpark Festival finished up well with two acts that have become the throne for three Danish electronic beats rule: Trentemøller, Djuna Barnes and Christian D’Or. The two-hour set they served was…was…THE party.

The very end of Trailerpark Festival 2012 came at midnight on the last day with Vinnie Who, a band that has played the Trailerpark festival four times in a row (making them the Trailerpark Festival’s beloved residents). They didn’t disappoint; the audience wanted more and more with each song, and at the end people simply came on stage and were partying with Vinnie Who, who celebrated the closure of the cozy and very nice event.

Summer is gone now in Copenhagen, but the Trailerpark Festival 2012 end was a good one.

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