Trailerpark Festival 2016

The Copenhagen-based Trailerpark Festival is set to give a big event like SXSW a run for its money. Because this three-day event, happening this year from July 28th through the 30th, isn’t just about the music. Surrounding the sounds are amazing art installations and design work being done by some of the visual thinkers from around the world. And, on the 29th, they hold Trailerpark I/O, a one day conference that attempts to bridge the lands of music, art, and technology in ways that will either inspire action within you or at least keep you buzzing with excitement for a few weeks afterward.

If it’s only the music you’re interested in, Trailerpark has you covered. The organizers have gone to great pains to curate a lineup that speaks to the modern sound of Europe. That means a generous helping of modern electronic and dance music artists like Slow Magic, Gold Panda, and THANKS; some hip-hop by way of Gilli or Section Boyz; and whatever the heck it is that Smerz decides to get up to.

In other words, it’s a modern festival for the modern population of Europe. Wouldn’t you like to be a modern too? Make your plans now to visit Copenhagen and drink deeply from the creative waters that are going to be overflowing during this July weekend. If you need a nudge or a little assistance making your travel plans, head over to our planning page and we’ll get you all set up.

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