It’s that time of year again, where “Best Of” and “Top __” posts fill the interwebs as a way of recapping the year’s goodness, in case you missed some of the good. We’re jumping in with our own list: The 20 most popular songs on our Hype Machine profile. (If you haven’t already, I suggest you follow us there so you can stream our curated selection of the best Nordic music out there.) We’re quite happy to report that Swedish indie band MIYNT is on this list three times. THREE TIMES. We’re also happy that so many of you have such excellent taste in music.

Let’s get this party started, shall we? Here they are, the Top 20 Nordic Songs in 2016 on our Hype Machine stream:

1. Kygo (NO) – “I’m In Love”

2. Júníus Meyvant (IS) – “Neon Experience”

3. Skott (SE) – “Wolf”

4. Skogsrå (SE) – “Out Of Time”

5. MIYNT (SE) – “After The Gold Rush”

6. Lindstrøm (NO) – “Closing Shot”

7. The Radio Dept. (SE) – “Swedish Guns”

8. Naomi Pilgrim (SE) – “Sink Like A Stone”

9. Dillistone (DK) – “Sober” Feat. Yellow

10. Smerz (NO) – “Because”

11. Palace Winter (DK) – “Soft Machine”

12. Lemaitre (NO) – “Nishio 2” feat. Giraffage

13. The Tallest Man On Earth (SE) – “Rivers”

14. Disco Despair (FI) – “You Are Girl”

15. Kill J (DK) – “Trickle Trickle”

16. MIYNT (SE) – “The Strangest Game”

17. Many Voices Speak (SE) – “Video Child”

18. TJH87 (FI) – “It’s All Reel”

19.  MIYNT (SE) – “Cool”

20. Cazzette (SE) – “Genius (TJH87 Bootleg)”

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