Jan Anderzén has been a linchpin of the avant garde music scene in Finland for two decades now, primarily through his work as a member of the collective Kemialliset Ystävät. Outside of that ongoing project, he keeps plenty busy on his own, recording under the name Tomutonttu and blowing minds anew with every fresh batch of tracks he unveils. At least that’s the sensation that this writer is left with after spending some time with Trarat, a new collection that was recently ushered into existence by L.A.-based imprint Leaving Records. These tunes were born from a commission Anderzén had received from the organizers of a classical music event in his home of Tampere. What came out of his efforts to write in that mode is this lumbering yet graceful batch of loops, electroacoustic invasions, and mind-expanding spurts and squelches.

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