The final song in the trilogy from Finnish nu-disco artist TJH87 is out, worldwide. Synth-driven and 90s indie trance inspired, It’s All Reel squashes the notion that music creators should follow trends in order to stay within genre expectations. “For some time now, there’s been a trend for producers who stay really true to their ‘roots’, in fact so true that they lack almost any creativity to call the music real house, or real trance or whatever,” he said. “We use analog gear, and even reel to reels but would never want to be considered #real anything… it’s all real for fuck’s sake.”

To make his case, EDM maestro TJH87’s trilogy of songs — New HorizonsWait For Me, and his final track, It’s All Reel — prove that original music can both be progressive and faithful to a genre. We’re into it, like a breath of fresh air. You will deep-beathe it in, too.

Missed the first two songs in the trilogy? Push play on this:

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