The summer music festival season is fast approaching, and Tinderbox 2016 music festival tickets and travel packages are selling fast, too. Word must have gotten out that Tinderbox, an exciting and new 3-day music festival has already set a precedent for booking a fresh mix of new and crowd-favorite Nordic rock/pop/rap/metal acts. True to the hype, this year’s line up is full of AMAZING.

Held in Tusindårsskoven (meaning “The Thousand Year Forest”) in Odense, Denmark, Tinderbox is on our festival travel shortlist, and it should be on yours, too.  Here are 21 excellent reasons why:

  1. Alan Walker (NO)
  2. Aura Dione (DK)
  3. Av Av Av (DK)
  4. Baby In Vain (DK)
  5. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (DK)
  6. Galantis (SE)
  7. Lukas Graham (DK)
  8. Malk De Koijn (DK)
  9. Of Monsters and Men (IS)
  10. Otto Knows (SE)
  11. Saybia (DK)
  12. Scarlet Pleasure (DK)
  13. Steve Angello (SE)
  14. The Minds of 99 (DK)
  15. The Sandmen (DK)
  16. TooManyLeftHands (DK)
  17. Turboweekend (DK)
  18. Ukendt Kunstner (DK)
  19. Veronica Maggio (SE)
  20. Volbeat (DK)

Take this playlist for a spin, and soon the desire to see these bands in the flesh at Tinderbox 2016 in Denmark this June will envelope you. DO NOT RESIST. Meet you in the beer line!


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