Danish rockers The Raveonettes‘ new EP Into The Night showcase 4 new songs of the band doing what they do best; guitar driven pop wrapped in a Jesus-and-Mary-Chain-meets-Phil-Spector package.

In a sense, this EP is more of a continuation of last year’s critically acclaimed album Raven In The Grave. It saw The Raveonettes with more of a polished and direct sound than previous than earlier work. The lyrics on Into The Night talk of lost love and heartbreak and while they’re not covering any new ground (either lyrically or musically), it works for their formula.

“Heartbreak, oh heartbreak/I hate you/I’ll leave you/Wasting time alright,” sings Sharin Foo from the EP opener (and title track) as the guitars buzz saw away through their trademark fuzzy gauze; it’s my favorite track on the EP. The Raveonettes seem to have a knack of creating bittersweet pop songs wrapped in shrouds of dark fog. Listening to this EP, you picture hazy half-drunk summer nights and being nostalgic about romances of the past which you might want to relive, or are grateful that they are behind you.

This EP certainly won’t win over new fans of this band if they don’t like their sound to begin with, but it’s a solid and focused piece of work building on what they’ve established. I’d actually like to hear them deviate from the lo-fi distortion and production techniques since they’ve been doing it for a decade, but these methods are what define their music and they do a solid job of utilizing them.

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