The latest single from Swedish glitter punk-pop trio The Magnettes is out!

So Bad is a moody, mid-tempo, millennial ballad about the disconnect of gender bias, and is released in advance of their 11-track debut album “Ugly Youth” scheduled to be out next month. Other singles from their debut that already out are Bones, Killers in a Ghost Town, Hollywood, Young and Wild and Sad Girls Club.

“We always felt this track had an early Britney Spears-vibe,” said the feminist band about So Bad. “The headmistress voice was added during recording to give it a commentary about people’s fucked up double standards.”

We look forward to when the masses gets to enjoy our fearless 21st Century fuck-poppers debut “Ugly Truth” (which we’ve been secretly privy to and listening on repeat for the last month) because it’s a brilliant patriarchy-smashing anthem celebrating the ugly and weird, and the world sorely needs that right now. Look for it June 30th.

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