Fancy the Danish band The Foreign Resort? Got a talent for crafting videos? Check this out!

TL;DW? The video above, in a nutshell:

She is Lost, the new single from The Foreign Resort out April 19, needs an official music video. The band would like you to make them one, and their only requirement is that it be in black and white. That means you can make a fan music video for the new single from the band you love, it can be anything you want, and you can even be in it! And, if you want the band to be in it, too, they’ll give you footage to use.

The band is taking video submissions until May 5th, at which point they’ll choose one fan’s video as the official music video for She is Lost. Is that you?

Visit this link to find more information about the contest, get a sneak-listen of the new single, and learn how to contact the band to get the media you need to make the video:


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