You would expect a certain amount of ingenuity from a band named The Entrepreneurs, and on their new single, “Heroine,” the Danish rockers don’t disappoint. The second taste from their upcoming debut album Noise & Romance, this thunderous, six-minute behemoth is equal parts ‘90s pedal-driven guitar rock, sawtoothed post-punk, and crooning indie-rock love song, all while avoiding the go-to genre trappings of all three.

In 2016, the Copenhagen-based band delivered Tony Rominger, an EP of splintering garage rock, but this go-round, they’re interested in doing something a bit more experimental. “Heroine” begins with an extended intro that runs nearly two minutes, at first relying on a comforting chord progression before leaving the music theory in the dust, deciding on a sound more unsettling, even threatening. The intro ends in a climactic explosion of guitar chords before settling into a romantic verse led by the near-falsetto vocal work of lead singer Mathias Bertelsen. Just when the unease from the intro has dissipated, the band pulls the rug out once more, delivering a lo-fi scorcher of a chorus drenched in vocal effects and screaming guitar work.

Bertelsen says the song is about “addiction in the way of being addicted to a woman,” and the track is appropriately full of both warmth and unease. He first promises he’ll “show you the summer of love” before breaking out an effect-drenched roar in the chorus, a din that wouldn’t feel out of place in a black metal track. There are bizarre vocal effects and off-key rhythms throughout, but the song still manages to throw in a darn catchy hook or two. It seems fitting that The Entrepreneurs’ new album is titled Noise & Romance, because “Heroine” is full of both.

The Entrepreneurs’ Noise & Romance is out February 1 on Tambourhinoceros. If “Heroine” is any indication, it should be a good one.

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