The fall and winter is usually when the prestige media starts coming out of the woodwork. The Oscar-bait movies and those nail-biting TV dramas meant to keep you from going crazy during the colder months of the year. There’s a sense of that in the music world as well. As the leaves start to turn, that’s when labels know they have a captive audience. And that’s when the break out the big guns.

Nonesuch Records, at least, is giving that impression with the forthcoming collaboration between Faroese singer-songwriter Teitur and American composer Nico Muhly. Out on October 21st, the pair work in beautiful tandem on this LP. Muhly’s music (performed by the Holland Baroque Society) gives new life to Teitur’s heart-on-sleeve lyrics and fine-grained vocalizing.

This song is an especially heartrending one. In it, Teitur attempts, with aching sincerity and ornate poetry, to evoke the image and spirit of his beloved. Does he succeed? Listen and find out.

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