I first experienced the delightastic Norwegian prog-pop band Team Me in one of those skinny and narrow upstairs venues on E 6th Street in Austin, Texas at SXSW in 2012. It was a hot, crowded, late-night affair. The band was big, young, new on the scene and breathlessly talented, and I grew stars in my eyes and flutters in my heart during their ultra-shiny and energetic show. Sealing my adoration for them forever was their high-on-life, “love is in the air” rendition of the catchy (and my personal favorite) song “With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have a Look at You Now“.

Then, early in 2015, the band announced they were “pulling the breaks on the Team Me train” and I considered myself incredibly lucky to catch their last public performance at Pstereo in Trondheim, Norway the following August.

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Team Me at @pstereo 2015

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But, what’s this, in 2019? TEAM ME IS BACK AND RELEASING NEW MUSIC?!? YAY!!!

Still big, young and energetic, in their second single released since their break-up-not-break-up four years ago, Team Me’s “The Future In Your Eyes” summons the cinematic shimmery that they’re internationally known for, plus (since this is a song about a post-apocalyptic cyborg romance) the added bonus of waves of cymbals throughout that conjures the image of circuits pleasantly sizzling. Feel good vibes for days!

Give it a listen. Congrats, you’ve discovered your new favorite tune.

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