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Lerin/Hystad (SE & NO) – “Taken to the Skies”

Although psychedelic music doesn’t always need vocals—think about the many endless instrumental interludes that defined psych rock’s earliest days—to convey the sense of wonder, joy, and innocence that drugs can incite, sometimes, vocals can reveal hallucinatory depths otherwise inaccessible. Swedish/Norwegian duo Lerin/Hystad understands this vocal-instrumental balance quite well: Starmap, its newest album, is its first to feature vocals. […]

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MAUER (SE) – “Furniture”

When you think of hotbeds for indie rock music motivated by loud guitars, cheap weed, and skateboarding, what places come to mind? California? Boston? Gothenburg? Okay, maybe not the last one, but MAUER, a new foursome out of the Western Swedish city, is trying its best to change that. With its newest single, “Furniture,” MAUER […]

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Sweden’s answer to SOPHIE has arrived, and she sounds amazing. Meet COBRAH, the newest purveyor of the high-sheen, PVC-and-latex-soaked visuals and sounds that SOPHIE introduced in 2013 to mass acclaim, a wave of soundalikes, and production credits for mainstream pop and hip-hop artists. COBRAH is more than good enough at this style to achieve similar […]

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Girl Crush (SE) – “Radio Silence”

Girl Crush

Swedish-British duo Girl Crush knows a thing or two about balance. Its newest single, “Radio Silence,” walks many tightropes. There’s the line between upbeat, vibrant, high-sheen production and EDM’s nails-on-chalkboard digital surges. Between enticing, nasal, gorgeous singing and sneering, giving-it-all-too-much belting. Insightful and cloying lyrical material. Every time, Girl Crush is on the right side […]

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KÅRP (SE) – “Devotion”

In a just world, Swedish quartet KÅRP would be as massively popular as its obvious influences are. Then again, “obvious influences” is an imperfect phrase in regards to KÅRP; although the band’s reverence of Robyn, The Knife, and Lykke Li are about as blatant as signs of decay on an avocado, there is just no one […]

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Twins. (SE) – “Fade Away”


There’s no doubt about it: the ‘80s are back in. You can buy Stranger Things graphic tees at Wal-Mart. Magnum P.I. and Lethal Weapon reboots air weekly on network television. Seemingly every band in sight is dropping its guitars and putting batteries back into its vintage Yamahas. While it might feel like the ‘80s pop […]

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JUNODEF (SE) – “Heights”

Although JUNODEF is originally from Sweden, its members now live in London. It’s an interesting choice for the band to have made, because its music sounds deeply Nordic, and the UK is in a far more politically and socially precarious space than the Nordic countries are at the moment (even with Swedish legends The Radio […]

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Oxen (SE) – “Postpone”


Oxen is just a couple of guys from Stockholm who happen to make great rock songs. Erik Hases and Stefan Söderqvist have, over the course of the year, released a string of singles that differ vastly from one another, connected almost entirely by the dual-part vocal harmonies that ground many of their songs. “Limbo” arrived back […]

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