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Nordic Spotlight Monthly Podcast – February 2018

Cats of Transnistria

The Nordic Spotlight Monthly podcast has returned! Delight your day with a bevy of musical delights from Scandinavia. If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to our podcast and check out past episodes over at iTunes. You can also leave us a comment or review and let us know how we’re doing. Enjoy! TRACKLIST Cats […]

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Fever Ray (SE) – Plunge LP

Fever Ray - Plunge LP

Swedish legend Karin Dreijer of The Knife fame suddenly dropped a new album called “Plunge” under the name of her solo moniker Fever Ray this morning, much to the delight of her numerous worldwide fans. It was only a few days ago that Dreijer gifted us the music video for the Twin Peaks-y To The […]

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Elsa (SE) – “Nobody Likes You”

Elsa - Nobody Likes You

Nobody like you, you / Nobody likes you, you / Guess this winter cold got me feeling low / Wish you knew that nobody likes you, you Following her first-ever single Skintight, a stomping pop banger released late last year, Stockholm-based songwriter Elsa is back with the heartbreak anthem Nobody Likes You, a ScandiPop-tinted R&B tune with an edge. […]

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John Moose (SE) – “Dragsjöberg”

John Moose - Dragsjöberg

John Moose is more than “just” a band from Sweden — he is the collective alter-ego of the 5-piece folk outfit, the main character in the band’s musically narrated stories about escaping the ambivalence between civilization and nature. Following their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2015, songs from John Moose’s latest EP “O” are […]

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Summer Heart (SE) – “101”

Summer Heart - 101

  Last heard as the vocalist on foreverandever’s so guud, Summer Heart nee David Alexander is back with his first single of 2017. The song 101 is a catchy, low-fi, heat-drenched sythpop of hazy, lazy grooviness. Recall a time during the hottest months of summer, when your body is melting under that great ball of fire […]

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Mountain Bird (SE) – “Cliché” Featuring Emily Autrey

Mountain Bird - Cliche

Swedish producer Adam Öhman, aka Mountain Bird, creates synth-y, moody beats and his latest single Cliché continues his run as “Scandinavian sound” maestro. Featuring sultry electronic R&B vocals from Nashville-based singer Emily Autrey, Cliché describes the early stages of a relationship when the desire to be perceived as independent and in control is simultaneously overpowered by […]

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The Magnettes (SE) – “So Bad”

The Magnettes - So Bad

The latest single from Swedish glitter punk-pop trio The Magnettes is out! So Bad is a moody, mid-tempo, millennial ballad about the disconnect of gender bias, and is released in advance of their 11-track debut album “Ugly Youth” scheduled to be out next month. Other singles from their debut that already out are Bones, Killers […]

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Sportsman (SE) – “White Shark”

Sportsman - White Shark

Sportsman aka Per Magnusson has released his White Shark into the digital sea. The second single from the Swede’s upcoming debut album “Neverland,” the hushed, shushed yearning in White Shark continues the reminiscent bleached beach vibe we enjoyed in his first single Running On A Beach, but painted in cool water-colored sounds. “White Shark is about […]

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