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Nordic Spotlight Monthly: All Hip-Hop Edition

Silvana Imam

A new edition of our podcast, Nordic Spotlight Monthly has arrived! This time around, we are pointing our spotlight on the vibrant hip-hop community that has taken the Nordic nations by storm over the last 25 years. Having grown up here in the U.S. surrounded by this homegrown sound, it was a welcome shock to […]

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Nordic Spotlight Monthly – Native Tongues Edition

Heidi Mortenson

A new episode of Nordic Spotlight Monthly is here! This time around we are letting the featured artists sing to us in their native language. Each of the tracks here is performed in either Icelandic, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, or Finnish. And they are all, we think, pretty darn fantastic. We’ll let you be the judge […]

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A Journey To Iceland (Part Five)

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 4.41.48 PM

You can start to pick out the locals from those folks who are not from around Reykjavik pretty easily as you start to reach the end of a multi-day, multi-venue music festival. The tourists, especially the Americans, are the ones that have a glaze slowly coming over their eyes. Between the shows and attractions and […]

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A Journey To Iceland (Part Three)

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.57.55 PM

I’m going to start off today’s installment with: Travel Tip #4. If you’re coming to Reykjavik for Iceland Airwaves, remember one simple thing: it’s November in Iceland. Dress accordingly. There’s a very good reason why nearly all the tourist shops here in the city sell scarves, sweaters, and hats. Yes, the Icelandic wool is lovely, but […]

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