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Iffy Orbit (NO) – “Slow Times”

Iffy Orbit - Slow Times

Psych rockers Iffy Orbit have released a video for their single Slow Times, and it’s a fascinating blend of the angst and heart flutters found at the middle school proms of Norway and the U.S.A. “Slow Times is a song that is as old as our band itself,” said the band. “The Norwegian prom is way less flashier than […]

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Sturle Dagsland (NO) – “Blossoming”

Sturle Dagsland - Blossoming

Sturle Dagsland by Sturle Dagsland We enjoyed multiple performances by otherworldly Norwegian duo Sturle Dagsland at SXSW 2017 last March, so we’re beyond thrilled to share their new single with you. Blossoming, a reverent and ethereal song, invokes the image of sprites and tree nymphs worshiping at the altar of firelight. It is ripe with the band’s talent of […]

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Coucheron (NO) – “High By The Riveside” featuring ARY

Coucheron - High On The Riverside - Featuring ARY

Happy Norway Constitution Day! On this day in 1814, Norway’s leaders signed the country’s constitution and paved the way for Norway’s independence. We’re celebrating with new music from producer Coucheron, his summery, light-as-air dance-pop tune High By The Riverside, which features fellow Norwegian ARY. “I’ve been fortunate to work a lot with ARY this past […]

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An American Goes to Bergenfest – Interview with Shelby Dennis

Shelby Dennis is travelling abroad to attend Bergenfest in Norway

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that Shelby Dennis, from Maryland, will be going on her first trip abroad to attend the music festival Bergenfest in Norway and will be representing Nordic Spotlight at the festival! She’ll share her experience via our social media channels, so be sure to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so […]

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Colin John (NO) – Mellompartiet EP

Colin John - Mellompartiet LP

The debut album of 18-year-old Colin John is out! Streaming on Spotify, “Mellompartiet” (“Middle Party”) is a charming, bold, coming-of-age story told in musical form. Sung in both Norwegian and English, the album is about experiencing life in the overwhelming middle — the age where you’re too old to go crazy without consequences and too […]

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Carl Louis (NO) – “Matinee”

Carl Louis - Matinee

After spending the last few years producing singles for other artists, including ARY’s debut single Higher, Norwegian singer/songwriter Carl Louis has released six tracks from his upcoming debut album “Memory Lane” to the delight of his fans. The fifth single released from the album is Matinee, a playful song inspired by his favorite instrument the Mellotron (an electro-mechanical polyphonic tape replay […]

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Sløtface (NO) – “Magazine”

Sløtface - Magazine

Norwegian punkers SLØTFACE unleashed their ageless, genderless appeal on the world again today in the form of the song Magazine, the first track released from the bang’s highly anticipated debut album “Try Not To Freak Out” which is set for release September 15th. The snagged, ragged guitar riffs and catchy lyrics in Magazine seek to blast apart the body “standards” in mass […]

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