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Softcore Untd. (NO) – “Gi Meg Tid”

One look at the band name Softcore Untd. and the artwork for its recent single “Gi Meg Tid” might get listeners thinking, “What in the world is Softcore Untd.?” A better question, upon listening to “Gi Meg Tid” is, “What in the world isn’t Softcore Untd.?” On the Norwegian band’s most recent single, the quartet blends together every […]

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Prins Oblonsky (NO) – “Østerdalen”

Prins Oblonsky isn’t the first musician to convey movement with few tools, but he’s certainly one of the more interesting voices in minimal techno right now. “Østerdalen,” the third of four tracks on Oblonsky’s debut EP, Dreams on Hold (out now via Beatservice), rarely seems to have more than four or five sonic layers, but it’s hard not […]

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FOAMMM (NO) – “Rollerblades”

Norwegian psychedelic pop group FOAMMM must be doing something right. Before the Oslo-based five-piece even began recording its self-titled debut album, which is out April 26 on Norwegian label Sheep Chase Records (home to Dark Times, Outer Limit Lotus, and more), it had already opened a tour for Ought, not to mention individual shows for […]

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Intertwine (NO) – “Alone”

In case you missed the memo, we here at Nordic Spotlight are huge fans of Norwegian artist Tarjei Ekelund, who records and performs under the name Intertwine. Following last fall’s fantastic standalone single “Let Go,” Ekelund has returned with a luxuriant, smooth-as-silk track titled “Alone.” As with “Let Go,” “Alone” arrives via a Norwegian label […]

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Misty Coast (NO) – “Loophole”

Last October, we wrote about Misty Coast‘s “Eleven Months,” which was one of the very best songs we heard in 2018. The Bergen-based duo just released its new album, Melodaze, which “Eleven Months” opens; “Loophole,” the track that follows it, now has a music video that maintains Misty Coast’s established standard of excellence. In fact, it […]

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