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Dark Times (NO) – “Dirt”

Dark Times - Dirt

Oslo indie punkers Dark Times are back with the release of the single Dirt, which went live today on all major digital platforms. First heard in 2014 when their debut album “Give” earned them a nomination for a Spellemannprisen (the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy), the abrasive punkers surprised no one when they became the […]

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Sløtface (NO) – “Empire Records”

Sløtface - Empire Records

We first saw Sløtface in the summer of 2015 when they were still called Slutface at both Øya Festival in Oslo and Pstereo Festival in Trondheim. When their name changed it, thankfully, was the only thing about them that changed. Sløtface’s young, fun, feminist rock transited cleanly and the band’s message remained the same: Have fun being […]

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Evelyn Mali (NO) – “Undertona Av Uvær”

Evelyn Mali - Undertona Av Uvær

Norwegian folktronica artist Evelyn Mali has a new EP called “Undertona Av Uvær” out, and the title track is a song about unrequited love. Her folksy voice infuses the track Undertona Av Uvær with a silky, melancholic substance. It’s a haunting and sympathetic song, with a dusting of self-flagellating awareness. The 4-track EP is sung in Mali’s […]

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7 Days in Alaska (NO) – “Marielle”

7 Days in Alaska - Marielle

Norwegian band 7 Days In Alaska, a trio made up of vocalist and songwriter Martin Bjerke, drummer Lars Takla, and guitarist and songwriter Christer Gundersen, released a solid debut EP called “Love Me Hate Me” on January 27th. The 4 tracks on the EP deal with young people chasing the “perfect” life that’s portrayed online and […]

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Playlist: Nordic Artists Playing SXSW 2017

Nordic Music at SXSW Music 2017

Time flies when you’re having fun constantly listening to Nordic music to share here on Nordic Spotlight! Suddenly it’s almost the start of South by Southwest Music again. Come March, we’ll be in Austin, Texas once again to cover the bands that hail from Northern Europe. This SXSW is different, though, for two reasons: 1) […]

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dePresno (NO) – “See You Soon”

dePresno - See You Soon

Norwegian dePresno may look young and innocent, but his deep, mature voice and sexy beats burns any assumptions about his romantic experience to a crisp with the release of his first single See You Soon, a catchy melody drizzled in desire for a lover who’s gone away. Although the Bergen native is new to the scene, […]

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30 Nordic Music Artists on the 2017 SXSW Music Schedule

Nordic Music at SXSW Music 2017

YOU GUYS, THIS IS HUGE. Today, SXSW festival and conference released their latest line-up of artists playing official showcases, and this batch brings the number of artists from Nordic countries to a total of 30! We’re so excited there is finally a spotlight at SXSW on music from the Arctic because we know (as do […]

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Tuvaband (NO) – “Unknown”

Tuvaband - Unknown

Unsigned and largely unknown Oslo-based duo Tuvaband make that melancholic Scandinavian sound we’re helplessly attracted to at Nordic Spotlight, with a lo-fi, folky ambiance that is filling, layered, and light. Their track Unknown shifts and shines in a way that mimics the rise and fall of the sun in winter, a swell of almost bright but mostly […]

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Highasakite (NO) – Acoustic Version EP

Highasakite - Acoustic Version

Norwegian indie darlings Highasakite have a new EP, and it’s a delicious, stripped down sparkler. The band, consisting of Ingrid Helene Håvik, Trond Bersu, Øystein Skar, Marte Eberson and Kristoffer Lo, perform four of their wonder-hits as intimate acoustic in the apt-titled Acoustic Version EP, which somehow makes each song new again. Layered, raw, and both […]

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