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Cavego (NO) – “Kjeiken”

The history of disco in the Nordic countries, particularly the Scandinavian ones, is nothing short of rich. With “Kjeiken,” Norwegian producer Even Hymer Gillebo, known more commonly as Cavego, is set to add to that legacy. A glimmering, linear disco tune inspired by the 1970s but embellished with the digital touches of this decade, “Kjeiken,” from […]

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Pre-Echo (NO) – “Who did this”

It still feels subversive when a pop song built on elements often used to depict faltering or collapsed romances turns out to be about something far more politically charged. “Who did this,” a standout from Norwegian quintet Pre-Echo‘s debut EP Consider This, achieves this trick with simultaneous bombast and elegance. Its delay-drenched guitar strums, melancholic but […]

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Alibiet (NO) – “Dans med meg”


Most of what we post about here at Nordic Spotlight is music by Nordic artists who sing in English. Not Alibiet. The Bergen-based band’s music is almost entirely sung in Norwegian; to not compromise on singing in one’s native language is pretty damn respectable. It helps that frontperson Maylen Rusti sounds great no matter what […]

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MAIH (NO) – “Habits”


Diamond Club, the singles label that Norwegian label Brilliance runs, is having one mother of a hot streak. We’ve recently reported on Diamond Club’s stunners by Company Ink and Intertwine, and now, we’re stoked on the debut single by Bergen-based singer and songwriter MAIH. It wouldn’t be appropriate to label “Habits” as the work of […]

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Felix (NO) – “Put Your Phone Away”


Oslo-based newcomer Felix probably thinks you’re reading this on a phone. On “Put Your Phone Away,” a track from his newly released, aptly-titled EP Bedroom Recordings, he implores the object of his tale—presumably a romantic interest whose fixation on her phone prevents her from being mentally present in this moment they’re spending together—to, among other things, […]

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Norwegian six-piece SKAAR makes music that’s appropriately layered for a group with two more people than in the standard rock band arrangement. SKAAR members include vocalist Karla Lesley Jaeger, who contributes solely her voice; Thor Saunes-Skarsgaard, who handles both bass and synth; and two guitarists whose only role is to play guitars. That’s right: SKAAR seems […]

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Amanda Tenfjord (NO) – “Let Me Think”

amanda tenfjord let me think

We still think, “Oh wow, that last name is so Nordic,” every time we encounter Amanda Tenfjord. The thought is fleeting, though, because then we’re confronted with her music, and it’s always overpowering and all-consuming. “Let Me Think,” her newest tune, follows the R&B-infused coolness of her glorious “First Impression” from earlier this year; if anything, it amplifies […]

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Sandra Kolstad (NO) – “Halflife”


Sandra Kolstad is a classically trained pianist (whom we’ve praised before), but you might not immediately know this from her newest song, “Haflife.” Although the track certainly betrays the melodic instincts of a creator with extensive formal schooling, it’s built entirely on modular synths and Kolstad’s beaming, malleable soprano. Her next album, Burning Love, is currently […]

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