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Interview: Moddi (NO)

Intro and interview by Hilary Saunders Pål Moddi Knutsen has been an established singer/songwriter in his home country…
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Interview: Vemod (NO)

Intro and interview by Mark Lore Despite not having released any new material in the past four years,…
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Interview: Barren Womb (NO)

Intro and interview by Hilary Saunders Comprised of just Gonzahl and drummer Timo Silvola (originally from Finland), Norway’s…
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Interview: Summer Heart (SE)

Talking with David Alexander, the singer/songwriter who records under the name Summer Heart, it’s obvious that he’s a…
Kohti Tuhoa
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Interview: Kohti Tuhoa (FI)

Interview and intro by Hilary Saunders Kohti Tuhoa’s debut album Rutiinin Orja is definitely an LP—it does boast…
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Interview: Adée (SE)

Adée, the soul/pop/hip-hop artist from Sweden known to her family as Ida Olsson, has been on our radar…
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Interview: Kvelertak (NO)

words and interview by Hilary Saunders Kvelertak is like catnip for metalheads. The Norwegian band makes people tap…