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Interview: Moddi (NO)


Intro and interview by Hilary Saunders Pål Moddi Knutsen has been an established singer/songwriter in his home country since his 2010 debut Floriography cracked the Norwegian Top 10. Performing under just the family moniker Moddi, his quiet poetry rings clearly over soft folk—warm as neighboring Iceland’s Lopapeysa sweaters with zigzagging piano lines, sustained harmonium drones, […]

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Interview: Vemod (NO)


Intro and interview by Mark Lore Despite not having released any new material in the past four years, Norwegian black metal band Vemod continues to captivate listeners and audiences. They released their debut album Venter på stormene in 2012, which deftly balances serenity and chaos, and landed Vemod on their second Prophecy Fest in Germany earlier […]

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Interview: Barren Womb (NO)

Barren Womb

Intro and interview by Hilary Saunders Comprised of just Gonzahl and drummer Timo Silvola (originally from Finland), Norway’s Barren Womb follows in the path of other beloved rock duos like The White Stripes, JEFF the Brotherhood, and even The Kills—creating an enormous ruckus with little personnel and instrumentation. But back in the band’s home country, […]

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Interview: Summer Heart (SE)

Summer Heart

Talking with David Alexander, the singer/songwriter who records under the name Summer Heart, it’s obvious that he’s a man of the world. His accent doesn’t settle on one region, instead bouncing from a very Scandinavian lilt to something more English to the more flat affect of the States. The last of those might have had […]

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Interview: Kohti Tuhoa (FI)

Kohti Tuhoa

Interview and intro by Hilary Saunders Kohti Tuhoa’s debut album Rutiinin Orja is definitely an LP—it does boast 10 tracks after all—but they polish off the whole thing in less than 20 minutes long. That just goes to show how quickly the Finnish hardcore punk/speed metal band flies through its highly combustible songs. Vocalist Helena […]

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Interview: Adée (SE)


Adée, the soul/pop/hip-hop artist from Sweden known to her family as Ida Olsson, has been on our radar for a couple of years now, dazzling us each step of the way with her crystalline vocals and her unabashedly feminist agenda. And watching her perform at this year’s SXSW Festival only made that feeling deepen as […]

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Interview: Rytmeklubben (NO)


As we dip back into the files from this year’s SXSW, we bring you our interview with the Norwegian DJ collective known as Rytmeklubben. These four young men from Trondheim headlined the Music Norway showcase at the festival and turned the venue into a bacchanal of beats and giddy future R&B melodics. And, to our […]

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Interview: CeaseTone (IS)


The wait for the debut album by CeaseTone has been a bit of a long one. The band’s de facto leader and principal songwriter, Hafsteinn Þráinsson, has been worrying over these songs since 2014, tweaking them and refining them every step of the way. But, today, at long last, Two Strangers is finally, officially in the world. […]

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Interview: Kvelertak (NO)


words and interview by Hilary Saunders Kvelertak is like catnip for metalheads. The Norwegian band makes people tap into previously unknown sources of jittery vigor until the eventual energetic expulsion of rocking, rolling, and head banging leads to a calm contentedness. That’s because the six-piece channels many different categories of metal to create its heavy […]

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