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Enjoy Our 5th Birthday Playlist and Party!

Nordic Spotlight's 5th Birthday Cake

IT’S OUR 5TH BIRTHDAY! We can hardly believe it, but it’s true…we turn half a decade young today, November 15. Being 5 years old is a giant milestone for a niche music website like us. A big deal, even. We’ve come a long way, baby! To celebrate, we’re having a Nordic music listening party at […]

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Konni Kass (FO) – “Time”

Konni Kass

Where has Konni Kass been hiding all this while? The singer/songwriter seemed to come out of nowhere just five months ago. But now that she’s arrived, she’s emerged fully-formed with the kind of mature and breathtaking songs that some artists take years to cultivate. No matter what the story is, we are enraptured with her […]

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Goodiepal (FO) – “Hessdalen”


While the rest of the music blogging world will spend the next few days reckoning with a terrible publicity stunt staged by an American art-pop band, I’d rather direct your attention to an electronic artist who is asking us to engage in some legitimately interesting commentary about the Internet. Goodiepal, or as he’s known by his […]

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Nordic Spotlight Monthly Podcast: All Covers Edition

Nordic Spotlight Monthly January

A new edition of our podcast Nordic Spotlight Monthly is here! This time around, we are shining our spotlight on our favorite recent cover songs recorded by Nordic artists. Prepare yourself to hear renditions of songs by The Stranglers, Popcaan, Arcade Fire, Prefab Sprout, and even a feminist re-interpretation of AQUA’s “Barbie Girl.” Check it out […]

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HULDA (FO) – “Kate”

HULDA - Kate

The question being asked by this electropop group from the Faroe Islands is simple: Where is Kate? No, we have no idea who this Kate is, other than she is obviously very important to HULDA and she has a penchant for taking off without notice. Hopefully this siren song of a track, replete with a delicate […]

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Interview With Marius Ziska (FO) – On Tour 2012 – “Going Home”


Faroese singer/songwriter Marius recently returned home from his first North American tour. A whirlwind of gigs over the course of three weeks brought him and his trusty, talented band mates to several locations in Washington, Oregon and California. Lucky for me, Hans Marius Ziska and his band stopped in Portland, Oregon, my hometown, where I […]

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Högni Reistrup (FO) – “Hvör segði hetta var endin?”

Högni Reistrup

Jón Tyril, musical director of the G! Festival recently contacted us and brought one of the bands in his festival lineup to our attention: Högni Reistrup. Högni Reistrup is a singer-songwriter from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. His musical influences are Bob Dylan and Nick Drake, two styles evident in his music. Push play on the video below for fresh […]

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SXSW 2012 Part 1 – Tue & Wed – Bloody Beach (NO), The Foreign Resort (DK), Teitur (FO), I Got You On Tape (DK)


Nordic Spotlight’s Pete Schwinge (PS) and Michelle Rae Anderson (MRA) traveled from the East Coast and the West Coast (respectively) to meet in that giant state in the middle: Texas. Why? To experience as much Nordic music as possible at the music festival South by Southwest. CLICK HERE FOR SXSW 2012 PART 2 CLICK HERE FOR […]

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