Norway is set to have a strong presence at the world’s busiest week for music yet again. The sixth annual Sounds From Norway SXSW showcase will take place in Austin next Thursday, March 14, at Elysium. The Norwegian label Brilliance will combine with the booking and management agency Atomic Soul, in association with Music Norway and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Houston, for six hours of live music from six of the country’s most exciting young artists — some of whom we’ve written about plenty of times.

The Sounds From Norway SXSW showcase will kick off with self-described “mørk pop” duo The Other End, who take the stage at 8 pm. Ambient pop act Intertwine, about whom we’ve raved time and time again, will follow with a 9 pm set. Orions Belte, a blues- and world-influenced band signed to prominent Norwegian label Jansen Records, is next, at 10 pm. Farao, an electropop artist who recently signed to American label Western Vinyl, goes on at 11 pm. In the home stretch, Death By Unga Bunga — who have played SXSW and toured the U.S. plenty of times — will deliver a rollicking, classic rock-inspired midnight set, after which the rapper Unge Ferrari will close the night at 1 am.

To get an idea of what you’ll be getting into when you stroll up Red River Street and walk into Elysium, check out some of our favorites by the artists playing the show:

The Other End – “Far From Home”

Intertwine – “Let Go”

Orions Belte – “Joe Frazier”

Farao – “The Ghost Ship”

Death By Unga Bunga – “Soldier”

Unge Ferrari – “Balkong”

If this fantastic lineup of Norwegian artists somehow isn’t still enough to get you into the room, check out our rave review of last year’s Sounds From Norway showcase. If the rules from last year still apply, you don’t even need a badge to get in! You really have no excuse not to go.

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