We’re in Austin, TX for SXSW! We’ll be posting our coverage of all things Nordic here on our website daily during the festival, so let’s get this party started, shall we?

We started our first day of the music festival checking out the Nordic Made trade show booth at the Austin Convention Center.

While there, we dropped off some Nordic Music at SXSW flyers at the booth, so go get one before they’re all gone.

Tuomo & Markus (Finland)

Our first show of SXSW 2017 was Tuomo & Markus, a Finnish duo who play catchy, authentically Americana songs that explore real life scenarios, such as being a young male spinster. They’re really good at what they do, as evidenced by the sizeable crowd at the venue Swan Dive, which grew larger as they played. There was no inkling the duo weren’t good ol’ American boys until they bantered between songs and revealed their accent. They’re clever, talented and handsome, and we’ll be catching them play again while we have them in our SXSW midst.

Baskery (Sweden)

Swedish sister trio were the closing act on the lineup at Swan Dive, and it’s not a hyperbole to say the audience was under their spell. Many in the crowd sang along with the act, and all of us were, at the very least, tapping or nodding to the beat. Baskery are true musicians — they often play more than one instrument during their shows, sometimes at the same time. With voices and beauty like Scandinavian angels, this sisterly act deserves to be the band that the audience will say in the near future “I saw them at SXSW before they went Platnium.” I know this because on my way out of the venue after their show, heavy with my camera and a long day, two different people stopped me and asked me who they were. The second person said they had been walking by and the music summoned them inside. See? They’re spellbounding!

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Tomorrow’s Tease

Day Two brings us a mobile sauna and Helsinki Radio’s live broadcast of performances by Satellite Stories, Tuvaband, Small Time giants, Peppina and Tuomo & Markus (because you can’t have too much Tuomo & Markus)…plus much more.

Be sure to connect with us on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) if you can’t be at SXSW this year, because there’s much more to come. Trust us, you don’t want to miss a note!

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