By the fourth day of SXSW, it starts to get difficult to know which end is up. So much music, so many people, and a few too many tall boys of Lone Star. But we are nothing if not tenacious and we are doing it all for you, our beloved readers. So, let’s get into the recap from the fourth day of life in Austin, Texas.

FLOODfest’s Nordic Brunch

Today was a day for events that put the spotlight right on the Nordic music scene in the big way, starting with afternoon party, organized by FLOOD Magazine and featuring some of the amazing acts that were able to get through the border into the U.S. Soaking in the sun and drinking in the sounds of acts like Uyarakq x Peand-eL and the emotional rock of Small Time Giants (both from Greenland), as well as the bundle of energy that is the Norwegian artist Sturle Dagslund? That’s the recipe for a great Thursday.

Sounds from Norway Showcase

The big draw for a lot of fans of Nordic music was this big showcase put on by the good people of Music Norway with help from the record labels Brilliance and Toothfairy. The setting was absolutely perfect at Lucille on Rainey Street, a cozy little lounge with an outdoor stage that positively boomed with energy and volume (which was helpful to help beat back the sounds of reggae and funk coming from the venue next door). Was there dancing? You bet there was. Did a gaggle of Norwegian artists—Chain Wallet, kakkmaddafakka, Coucheron, BAYA, Tuvaband, and Sløtface—make some new Texan fans? Absolutely.

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Disco bliss courtesy of @kmfband and @musicnorway

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@Coucheron spins and wins at Sounds of Norway.

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