SXSW 2017 – Day Five

Agnes Obel (DK)

It was one-in-one-out at the St. David’s Sanctuary chapel for the Agnes Obel show. The venue’s acoustics are perfect for her spiritual folk music, although seeing her and her band washed in constant red lights felt sacrilegious (at best). Solution: Eyes closed with imagination playing color-corrected visuals.

Kite (SE) 

How do you push back against a sea of revelers decked out in green and looking to get wrecked on St. Patrick’s Day? Let the darkwave/synthpop heaviness of Kite loose on their persons. Though the Iron Bear in Austin wasn’t the most optimal place to absorb the foundation crumbling beats and unholy vocals of Nicklas Stenemo, the duo persevered and had their black clad fans quivering with joy.

The heaviest Nordic music we've heard at @sxsw are the dark industrial masterpieces conjured by @kitehq

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Uyarakq x Peand-eL (GL)

Can NOT get enough of this DJ/rapper duo from Greenland. Here they are at their last SXSW 2017 show at Karma Lounge. They are endlessly fascinating humans with the innate talent of making music that’s universaly appealing across genres, PLUS they are genuinely nice people. This act is all about the greater good — within ourselves and the world. We hope someday (soon) Peand-eL translates the words of his Greenlandic-rapped tracks in English so we can book friends and family aboard the Uyarakq x Peand-eL train. Choo-choo!

Peand-eL freestyling at Karma Lounge.

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Uyarakq x Peand-el blowing up Karma Lounge at @SXSW

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Peand-eL and Uyarakq, DJ/rapper duo from Greenland on their first visit to the U.S.

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Satellite Stories (FI)

Our love affair with the Finnish band Satellite Stories knows no bounds. We first heard them in 2008 when their single Campfire blew us away with it’s ability to make even the grumpiest grump smile (try it on the grump in your life and see for yourself) and also the use of one of our favorite words: Delorean. Years later and still going strong, the boys of Satellite Stories played SXSW for their second time. Last year at Palm Door on Sabine, the venue in which I saw them play live for the first time, there were a handful of people. This year, 3x that amount showed up, all dancing, many singing along. Next year? We predict the venue will need to size extra-large and there will be a line down the street in which we willl happily stand in.

@satellitestory breaking all the hearts in the Palm Door on Sabine @sxsw

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It's Satellite Stories!! @satellitestories

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Satellite Stories @satellitestories

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Satellite Stories at Palm Door on Sabine. It's a party and your invited! @satellitestories

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