Nordic Spotlight will be at SXSW Music 2016 in Austin, Texas next week to cover all the Nordic bands coming to town to play official and unofficial shows. We’ve covered this festival in the past, but this year the countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland are staking headquarters at the Nordic Lighthouse (aka the Austin Rowing Club when it’s not SXSW) and putting on a nine-hour Nordic music showcase.



Check out this incredible lineup (click the image to embiggen):

SXSW Nordic Music Pop-Up Lineup

If you’re in Austin, be sure to register for this show (badge not needed, but be sure to register for the Nordic Music Pop-Up show on the Nordic Lighthouse website). In the meantime, take a sip of what this event is going to sound like, in the form of these four songs from four artists, each from one of the four countries on the lineup. (Drink up…it’s delish!)

CeaseTone (IS)

Silvana Imam (SE)

Satellite Stories (FI)

Kill J (DK)

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