A collaboration between Finnish art-pop singer/songwriters, Swan/Koistinen (Astrid Swan and Stina Koistinen) tell their shared story of being women living with chronic illness in their 4-track self-titled EP released last month via the Soliti label.

Taking the listener through the journey of discovering, treating, and accepting a serious sickness, the songs “Diagnosis”, “Hospital”, “Symptoms” and “Singing” explore the heartbreaking issues faced by those with serious sickness, like acute emotional and physical fragility, the isolation of pain and fear of death, the terrible impartiality of medicine, the loss of a body and spirit that is forever changed, but also the euphoric appreciation for being alive that comes when you’re trying not to die.

Seeking a power to gain from sharing the experience with others, Swan/Koistinen’s EP is subtle, cerebral and cathartic to this listener. I hope it is for Swan/Koistinen, too.



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