Last heard as the vocalist on foreverandever’s so guud, Summer Heart nee David Alexander is back with his first single of 2017.

The song 101 is a catchy, low-fi, heat-drenched sythpop of hazy, lazy grooviness. Recall a time during the hottest months of summer, when your body is melting under that great ball of fire in the sky and you suddenly, momentarily, feel a jolting hint of a cool-ish breeze. Relief from the heat comes for a mere hot second, and then the breeze is gone to kiss another’s skin. You’re baking again, yet the sensation of down-temp lingers on your skin like muscle memory, keeping you cooler for a little while longer. 101 feels like that moment of experiencing that fleeting, merciful breeze.

As the title track of Alexander’s latest album, out in August, 101 sets the tone well. Recorded in Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden early 2017, the record was inspired by his time in NYC spent discovering the city and its residents. “The record can be seen as a ten track love story, with ups and downs and all the in-betweens,” said Alexander, “never being satisfied, always wanting more, grass is greener on the other side.”

Look for the album “101” to drop on August 25th — hopefully, we’ll be blessed with other singles from the LP before then.

101 Tracklist

Hotel Beds
Love Affairs
Always on the Run
Can’t Wait
Far Out Far Gone
No Time to Fail
Let You Go

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