The preternatural Norwegian band Sturle Dagsland (brothers Sturle Dagsland and Sjur Dagsland) have performed all over the world since their start in 2010 in unconventional places, like mountain tops, Soviet marine vessels, a North Sea lighthouse, and on dog sledding tours in remote Greenland, to name a small, strange cross-section of venues. Their primitive, abstract sound isn’t easily described, and it can’t be dismissed as “merely” avant-garde. Here’s what others have said trying to put into words what seeing them live is like.

“It’s rare to find a song that sounds so different, so unusual and so appealing all at once. It occurred to me at one point that this might be what poking your head into an alien nightclub sounds like.” –

“I’m staring with my mouth wide open by undiminished wonder. It’s impossible to describe their performance in words. Sturle Dagsland is not from this planet.” –

Take their latest single Nzinga for a spin for an audio-only taste of Sturle Dagsland:

We can’t wait to see the indescribable for ourselves at SXSW, as Sturle Dagsland is on the official showcase roster. We look forward to seeing them at the especially tasty Flood Magazine showcase, the annual SXSW banger FLOODfest on March 16 at the Cedar Street Courtyard. Billed as “Nordic Brunch,” the show runs from 11AM-1PM and includes performances by Small Time Giants (DK/GL) and Uyarakq (GL). If you’ve got a badge for SXSW this year (which is required) and have a hankering for Nordic music (because you have excellent taste in music) this is a must-go show…so you must go! RSVP here:

If you can’t make it, though, don’t fret. We’ll be there to cover the event, so be sure to connect with us on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) so you don’t miss a thing. Sturle Dagsland: You gotta see it to believe it.

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