We enjoyed multiple performances by otherworldly Norwegian duo Sturle Dagsland at SXSW 2017 last March, so we’re beyond thrilled to share their new single with you. Blossoming, a reverent and ethereal song, invokes the image of sprites and tree nymphs worshiping at the altar of firelight. It is ripe with the band’s talent of transcending genres while standing firmly in the moving sands of avant-garde. More than once at SXSW, I hear someone say, upon seeing the singer in his elf-goth cosplay setting up their set of sound-making instruments in various states of wholeness, “I don’t like experimental music,” who end up enjoying the hell out of the band’s weirdly approachable alien performance.

Here’s a small, hopelessly inadequate taste of what’s in store for you at a Sturle Dagsland show (should the opportunity appear, you lucky soul):

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With the release of Blossoming, we remain firmly on Team Sturle and sincerely wish for their music to reach all the nooks and crannies of this world and the worlds of creatures real and imagined. It would be, without a doubt, a beautiful thing.

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