When we hit up Iceland Airwaves last year, we spent a little time in the presence of Sturla Atlas, a young rapper on the rise from Reykjavik. In spite of a potentially questionable tune, we were completely charmed by his laid back demeanor and easygoing flow. The young rhymer is fulfilling the promise we saw in him now with his brand new mixtape, SEASON2, which was released in June of this year. As its title suggests, this is a new season for Sturla Atlas. And he’s responding with some sweetly sexual and deeply romantic vibes, as well as the requisite bragging about all his cash and getting lit with his crew. It owes a great deal to the rise of artists like Future and Drake, to be sure, but Sturla and producers Logi Pedro, Ung Nasa, and Hermigervill are succeeding in making that similar simmering sound their own. Hopefully we’ll catch up with this rapper and his team at this year’s Iceland Airwaves and learn more about his story. Until then, we’ll keep this on repeat.

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