Sportsman (a moniker of Per Magnusson) has unleashed his alt-pop, nostalgia-glazed single Running On A Beach, which is from his debut album “Neverland” scheduled for release June 2nd. He’s also released a video for the track.

Once part of the Swedish soul-pop quintet The Sonnets, Sportsman journeyed to Kenya after disbandment for decompression, reflection and inspiration as to what to create next. It was in Tanzania that Running On A Beach was conjured when he woke up one morning with a fever and delirious from antimalarial tablets and heard a man (called a “muezzin”) singing a call to pray from a nearby mosque.

“I was convinced that the muezzin was singing my song in a sad, auto-tuned way” Per explained. “I smelled weed, like someone was smoking just outside my window. I got up and walked straight out on the postcard-like beach. I took a run in the sunrise, passing drunk fishermen and women spinning seaweed. This song is about these magic hours on the border of dream and reality.”

A rose-toned echo of muted vibrancy, Running On A Beach is very much like a waking dream in paradise where melancholy is a type of ache that’s both sweet and sad. Definitely an example of that “Scandinavian sound” we love so much, we hope the single is a true representative of what we can look forward to enjoying when “Neverland” is released in June.

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