One look at the band name Softcore Untd. and the artwork for its recent single “Gi Meg Tid” might get listeners thinking, “What in the world is Softcore Untd.?” A better question, upon listening to “Gi Meg Tid” is, “What in the world isn’t Softcore Untd.?” On the Norwegian band’s most recent single, the quartet blends together every genre within arm’s reach and churns out a sultry, moody, grooving delight that should appeal to just about every type of music fan.

The outset of “Gi Meg Tid” is marked with jazzy chords and phaser-brushed percussion, so the appearance of rap-like vocals over Softcore Untd.’s instrumental comes as a thrilling surprise. Kick drum thwacks begin to outline the track’s form as this rapping—entirely in Norwegian—begins, shaping the song into a dejected hip-hop anthem, like if King Krule jumped on a hyperactive Earl Sweatshirt beat.

And then, another surprise: on the chorus of “Gi Meg Tid,” even more layers of percussion and jazz chords are tossed into the mix, expanding the song’s reach into easily digestible pop, with deep house undercurrents. Such is the magic of Softcore Untd.: As soon as listeners decide what genre the band might fall into, the foursome has begun exploring the next one. “Gi Meg Tid” shuffles through jazz, hip-hop, pop, and deep house—are you hearing that bass?—without even passing the three-minute mark.

In the song’s runtime lies another expectation defied: “Gi Meg Tid” translates to “give me time,” but the track doesn’t do that at all. At not even three minutes, barely any time is being given here, but Softcore Untd. doesn’t need it. These four can achieve their goals quickly and brilliantly, all while evading easy classification.

“Gi Meg Tid” is out now on American label Cascine, whose singles club CSCN has also released music by one of our other Norwegian favorites: Intertwine. Stay tuned from a post from us soon about yet another Norwegian artist—this one brand new—releasing music on Cascine, which might now be our go-to homeland label for all things Norway.

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