Sløtface (NO) – “Magazine”

Norwegian punkers SLØTFACE unleashed their ageless, genderless appeal on the world again today in the form of the song Magazine, the first track released from the bang’s highly anticipated debut album “Try Not To Freak Out” which is set for release September 15th.

The snagged, ragged guitar riffs and catchy lyrics in Magazine seek to blast apart the body “standards” in mass marketing publications that everyone knows are self-imposed, self-inflicted, idealized hogwash.

Thoughts that aren’t mine keep running through my head / Thunder thighs keeps reaching for the measuring tape

“I really wanted to write a killer breakup song, but I’ve never really had any experience with heartbreaking, devastating, aggressive breakups,” the band’s singer Haley said about the song’s lyrics, “so I thought I would write a breakup song about breaking up with bad body image and unrealistic representations of human bodies in media. It’s fuelled by the back and forth of knowing that society creates unrealistic expectations regarding what people should look like, and still feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because you don’t live up to those images.”

We love this song, and we are trying not to freak out while waiting for “Try Not To Freak Out” because we’ve seen this band play live multiple times already and can’t believe it’s only their debut. We’re no doubt in for a treat this September.


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