Skylar Fri (DK) – “Better”

Skylar Fri has released a single! Better, a chill, dreamy track from forthcoming debut EP “Lyng Land” out May 19th, is the first new music we’ve heard from the Danish singer since her 2015 hundreds-of-thousand-times-streamed promo track Man Is Strange.

Skylar Fri

Skylar Fri – Photo was taken at the quarry Lyng in Denmark where the video for “Better” was shot, and the place the singer spent many summers hanging out with friends


Better is about how a map full of detours and disruptions sometimes leads us to a place we never imagined would actually turn out to be better for us,” is Skylar’s official statement about her new song, and her hazy, cinematic, long-game rendition of it lends to this ideology.

Be sure to mark your calendar for “Lyng Land” this May, which will include a remastered version of Man Is Strange.


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