Swedish singer/songwriter Skott is relatively new to the scene, but she’s already developed a signature “adventurous, electro-folk” sound that can be only be explained as shaped by the experience of spending her formative years living in a remote forest artist commune in Sweden, and not hearing contemporary music until emerging from the woods in her teenage years.

Her latest track Glitter & Gloss, joining her fresh catalog of insta-hits Porcelain, Amelia, and Wolf, are fueled by her otherworldly, twinkling intrigue. Skott has the unusual talent of effortless commanding her divine, breathtaking (and giving) vocals to let her music dictate the way she sounds, not the other way around, and easily achieving the nirvana of perfectly original tunes — a task that many pop singer/songwriters fail to achieve.

We’re excited to hear her mystical storytelling at SXSW this March, in Austin, Texas. In her first trip to the U.S. she’ll also visit Los Angeles, and New York. Check out the dates below, and experience her mystical storytelling for  yourself if you’ll be in the vicinity:

March 13-19 – SXSW, Austin, Texas
March 21 – The Echo, Los Angeles
March 23 – Mercury Lounge, New York

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