Hold me close / I won’t let you be / The one that got away

With more than 11 million streams of their music on Spotify in their two years of existence, the word is out about Norwegian duo Skinny Days. The latest song, The One That Got Away, is already 800,000 streams strong after a month, so you know it resonates. The trop-pop dance tune, featuring velvet-voiced Emilie Adams, is a tribute to hope and love.

“’The One That Got Away is a song that mixes melancholy and feel-good in an interesting way,” said the band. “It’s kind of like going to a party with a broken heart and then finding the love of your life at 2:30am.” Exactly, gents.

If you dig this song, be sure to check out the fun animated lyric video for it. Push play, let’s dance!

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