On “Paper Thin,” Simon Lynge lays bare his vulnerabilities as he pines for better days. The song is a relatable, heartfelt proclamation that implores the listener to look ahead despite the onus that life can impose. The title is suggestive of the tenuous conditions that can be difficult to wrangle with when you’re beholden to depression. Every undertaking can seem overly consequential and impossible to accomplish, but for Lynge, the prospect of a “better reality” is enough motivation to stir him to action.

There’s an interesting dichotomy at play here, evidently shaped by the natural Scandinavian landscape where Lynge grew up. The structure and instrumentation is willowy and bright, like being basked in pleasant rays of light on a winter’s day as brisk wisps of air brush past. The tone of the lyrics, however, has an undercurrent of sadness, longing, and struggle. That sense of withering away due to personal setbacks and trying to reconnect with the world before regressing into an inescapable state mirrors being buffeted by wintry squalls as the sun sets and nightfall creeps in.

The song itself is relatively straightforward, with nothing excessive to bolster the sound and no rambling reflections and esoteric messaging layered within the lyrics. Lynge doesn’t gussy it up with the florid froufrou of rapturous strings, horns, and other accompaniments that lift up certain acoustic numbers, nor does he adopt the sparse, lo-fi storytelling of mythologized folk heroes. The Greenlandic-Danish bard achieves a happy medium between the two with a markedly genuine expression of folk pop that radiates warmth, with light finger plucking and piano interplay tastefully complimenting his plaintive, pacifying vocals.

In spite of every obstacle, Lynge truly understands that when you approach life with sincerity and empathy, people will reciprocate in kind and be there to lend their support. He expounds upon such simple truths, and his willingness to unabashedly expose himself through his songcraft makes for an exquisitely resonant tune.


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