Congrats to Signe for making history! Her newest single, “Your Game,” is the inaugural single for Diamond Club Sweden. If you’ve followed us at all over the years, you’re familiar with our love for Diamond Club, the Norwegian singles label that Brilliance (another one of our favorite Norwegian labels) runs. With Signe, Diamond Club is branching out to Sweden, and we couldn’t be more stoked.

Especially because “Your Game” is about an ideal a label’s first release as they come. The song, Signe’s second release following a track titled “Over,” is a power ballad that plants its roots in jazz and R&B without losing the immense pop appeal shared among the majority of today’s Nordic solo artists. Across four minutes, the track swells from a melancholic, commanding swirling of Signe’s formally trained croon and lurching but blanketed percussion into a euphoric, spine-tingling, guitar-wound cry to the skies.

The bleak but grand soundscapes Signe crafts on “Your Game” are apt for the song’s subject matter. Signe describes the track as about “a rush…from a drug or love, or even sex, I think most people can relate to the feeling of losing control in the company of someone that you don’t really know. Like you’re going through this thing together but you have no idea if that other person feels the things you are feeling.” Just as the song’s lyrical focus depicts a state of simultaneous overjoy and anxiety, “Your Game” musically drenches Signe’s poignant singing in elements as hopeful as they are wintry and grey.

“Your Game” is actually so successful at establishing its simultaneous excitement and dread that describing the exact way its instruments sound can undersell the broader musical picture that Signe paints on this song. As with any relationship, pulling out one element in an attempt to describe the whole would be an imperfect approach; in other words, Signe has created a love song that’s actually realistic. Bless Diamond Club for starting with her in its Swedish efforts.

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