It’s very likely that even those who haven’t heard of Danish artist Selma Judith have at least heard her. She’s performed harp on live sessions by international sensation and established Nordic Spotlight favorite —herself from Denmark—and her time spent with such a leading pop mind has certainly rubbed off on her own music. “Kind of Lonely,” her debut single, at most scarcely employs harp, instead opting for a sparse, electronic form of balladry that instantly places her in the vast pantheon of forward-thinking Nordic pop musicians.

“Kind of Lonely” arrives aside a (very NSFW) music video that was filmed in Judith’s apartment in just one take. The visual neatly complements the song, which details her loneliness and its ups and downs specifically as it relates to one person. Just as the song depicts the object of Judith’s desire as an object out of touch, out of sight, but not out of mind, the video sees her alone in her house on an appropriately grey day, appearing as though her lazy Sunday is also a deeply desolate one.

Across the video’s four-and-a-half-minutes, Judith, whose outfit is pretty much just a t-shirt before a very revealing shower leads to a modest outfit change, appears to be having one of those days alone in the midst of a fight with a lover, when savory snacks and mid-level sitcom TV and cigarettes and, presumably, attention from her two cats (whose cameos are sincerely appreciated) are the day’s fodder. “Kind of Lonely” likewise exists in this state: It depicts Judith vacillating between apathy (“I don’t care/if you’re not here”) and deep need (“I’m feeling kind of lonely/won’t you come by and waste my time/you act like you don’t owe me”). Both the song and its video make it clear that she’s still making big decisions about this relationship, but she’s doing it healthily: Acknowledging both sides of how she feels is the first step towards the self-actualization she must need after such a devastating rift.

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