This time our roving reporters were Mikkel and Morten (singer and drummer) from the Danish band, The Foreign Resort. While they were not performing at this year’s festival, we have a great feeling you’ll be seeing them up there in 2013…perhaps opening the Orange Stage?

With over 77,000 guests, Roskilde Festival is one of Europe’s largest festivals taking place every year just 20 miles south of Copenhagen, Denmark. The campgrounds are open for nine days from Saturday to Sunday. From Sunday to Wednesday, upcoming Scandinavian acts perform at the Pavillion Junior stage (PJ) and Thursday through Sunday, the main stages are open with more established acts.

Here, the guys share their experiences on Roskilde 2012.


The festival audience raises its expectations beyond musical demands every year and it is very inspiring to see how Roskilde Festival meets these demands in very creative ways. This year you could charge your cell phone all over the festival grounds on exercise bikes with a built in dynamo. Get some exercise while sipping your beer and checking out hip new music on a nearby stage.


Apart from emerging bands, Roskilde Festival also supports other art forms that are not typically seen by the mainstream population. Street art has been happening at the festival for several years but is still very popular. So, why not have the festival area decorated by street artists before opening up to the audience?


In the past, the downside of Roskilde Festival was the inevitable smell of urine all over the festival but again the festival retorted with witty creativity – The Pee Tree. A urinal tied to a tree with a hose that leads into the ground and thereby preventing uncomfortable odor. Excellent!


Let’s go over some of the musical highlights of the week. First up to really surprise us was the Danish band Shiny Darkly on Tuesday at PJ. An excellent performance, by a partly shy band, who still managed to get their energy into the cheering crowd. Their sound was the perfect blend of keyboards and guitars into a shoegazing psychedelica while keeping the rhythm section clear and punchy.


Also appearing at PJ were The Beardy Durfs. While their show Monday was a bit of a mess and somewhat too hifi for the band’s sound, they redeemed themselves by playing a popup show on the back of a truck Tuesday afternoon driving through the campground. Here the sound was very lo-fi garage and fitted the band perfectly. Singer Peter Andrews screamed his lungs out throughout the set while drums and guitar created a chaos of noise.


Although a massive hangover was all too present Friday, the combination of organic Mojitos and (ex-Sonic Youth) Lee Ranaldo was exactly what was needed to get back in gear. A very positive discovery was also the great sound at the Odeon stage. In earlier years performances by The National, Peter Björn & John as well as LCD Sound System were ruined by the terrible PA – but not this year. Big props to the Roskilde Festival! Later, the party reached new highs upon discovering that Jack White had gotten the amazing drummer Carla Azar from Autolux on board for his Roskilde show.


After a nice bowl of Chili Con Carne we embarked on Saturday’s musical adventure. This was to be our big day at the festival. M83, Refused, Bruce Springsteen, 120 Days, Reptile Youth and finally at 3am Lee Fields & the Expressions sent us back to the camp for a heavy morning binge.


Overall…Roskilde was once again a great success!

– Mikkel and Morten



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