Orange Stage 2015

In a universe that’s already overrun with festivals, it’s hard to remember the names or dates of even half of them. But one annual event is always on the lips and minds of music lovers worldwide: Roskilde. Held every year in Denmark, this festival has been going strong since the ’70s and attracts a breathtaking array of artists from around the world. What kicked off in 1971 with headlining sets by Strawbs and folk artist Mick Softley is now welcoming in Metallica, Paul McCartney, and the Rolling Stones among many, many others.

This year, the buildup to the festival’s closing night performances on July 2nd by Sleaford Mods, Sumac, and Nero starts a week ahead of time with a dance party thrown by Danish DJ collective Immortal Sound Selectors on June 25th. From there, things just keep getting bigger and bigger with six stages of music going from noon until the wee hours. And the lineup is…well, it’s just ridiculous. But don’t take my word for it; just hit play on this Roskilde Spotify playlist and prepare for your jaw to slowly get lower and lower to the ground as you listen.

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