Rony Rex, Gas Gas, Roisto, KASPERG, Smok (FI) – F*cked It Up Remix EP

When Finnish DJ and popular radio host Rony Rex‘s debut EP “F*cked It Up” climbed to #2 on the iTunes Dance Albums chart, it inspired the Finnish label Youth Control to hand-pick electronic producers and fellow Finns Gas Gas, Roisto, KASPERG and Smok to remix the EP. The result is the fun, all-Finnish “F*cked It Up Remix” EP.

Here’s a break down of each remix to see how each artist added their something special to the original.

Gas Gas

There’s not much information about Gas Gas, a new artist already making waves with his excellent remix, but his (her? their?) version of the track F*cked It Up is a wild take on the original with its layered, pitched-shifted vocals, wavy bass, and down-low drums that drive the groove.


Next, our beloved Roisto turns out an excellent remix of the track Burn that overflows with summery, swirling synths and funky guitar riffs. It’s a banger, for sure, and is a recipe made up of all the tasty parts of Rony Rex’s single drowning in a delicious Roisto sauce.


Feeding the heat is KASPERG, a young artist who, like Rony Rex, hosts a popular radio show in Finland and is known for his house-R&B fusion. He turns the original version of Burn into a feel-good tune with heart-flutters, yearning drums, blazing chords, and “moon eyes” vocals.


Saving what might be the best for last (feel free to argue about this point in the comments), veteran superstar Smok’s remix of Burn is tango of pointy synths and funky drums — it’s all hip swings and jazz-hands in this one.

Put all the remixes together, and the “F*cked It Up Remix” EP creates a solid, danceable block of music that breathes new life into the originals. Give it a spin at your next party.


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